Purple sweet potato, arugula, and olive pizza

Purple sweet potato pizza with arugula

Purple sweet potato pizza with arugula

While Malcolm is away, Isaac gets to call all the shots. So we watched a show on dinosaurs. He likes these shows with men and women in denim shirts and floppy hats, leaning on their tanned knees and peering out over the desert. They tell us about dinosaur bones, and then we see very realistic animations of the dinosaurs who had those bones, trundling or scuttling around the prehistoric forests. Last night’s show was about the T-rex, who apparently had a bigger brain than anyone gave him credit for, but moved more slowly. Somewhere in the world (I’ll admit I wasn’t paying very close attention) a group of T-rex bones were found close to one another. Four whole dinosaurs! Why? Why exactly did they live and die so close to each other? According to the experts, it was probably a sign that they hunted in packs. “These shows always miss the obvious,” said our Isaac, with a sigh in his voice. “They’re always looking for attacking and fighting. What if the dinosaurs just wanted to be with each other?” They’re not hunting in packs, they’re making dinner together. They’re just sharing their food, and keeping each other warm. And in a second, in the twinkling of an eye, I saw that the whole history of man and beast has been approached from the wrong angle. Our history shouldn’t be told as a succession of wars and disasters and people tearing one another apart! It should be about people just wanting to be with each other. Take note, historians and anthropologists and archeologists. It’s just so obvious.

This pizza was very very tasty. I couldn’t resist buying some purple sweet potatoes, they’re just so pretty. So I sliced them thin and roasted them with olive oil, balsamic, rosemary and smoked paprika. Sort of like sweet potato pepperoni!! And then I decided to put them on a pizza with baby arugula and black olives. Sweet meets peppery meets salty. I put some of the arugula under the cheese, and I scattered some on top at the end. I used a mixture of sharp white cheddar and mozzarella, which I think was a good combination, but obviously you can use whatever you like. And that’s that.

Here’s Louis Armstrong singing Get Together (yes, that Get Together!!)
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