Happy Thanksgiving!

ginormous mushroom pie

Happy thanksgiving, everybody! However it began, it’s become a holiday to celebrate being with people we love, and to celebrate having good food to eat and the opportunity to cook it together. Of course I love that idea! It’s a day to think about what it means to be grateful, and to concentrate on all of the things we have to be thankful for, which is something I wish I did more often. It seems like one of the least commercializable holidays – no toys or candies or cards. The things they’re pushing at you in the stores are ingredients for food that we can make together – bags of walnuts, cans of pumpkin purée, yams and turnips. Yeah.

So what am I making, you ask? I’m making a ginormous deep mushroom pie, that will be just as satisfying and delicious as turkey, I feel sure, for the vegetarians among us. And I’m making a herbed walnut “gravy.” I’ll let you know how that goes later on. And I’m making a stuffing of chestnuts, white beans, apples, shallots and sage. Recipe after the … jump!

Here’s a small playlist of songs of thanks and gratitude. Have a wonderful day, everybody!
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