Honey roasted potato salad with arugula and pecans

Honey roasted potato salad

I had the strangest moment yesterday. I went to buy a loaf of bread on a balmy spring evening. A time of year and a time of day that you can feel things changing all around you. I saw a boy walking toward me on the street. He’s very tall, taller than me, and I was hit by a powerful memory of seeing him asleep in a crib ten years ago. We were living in Boston, but planned to move to this town, and his mother was showing us around the apartment that would be our home for two years – all through my first pregnancy and the first year of Malcolm’s life. I thought of how hopeful we were then, and how different. I thought of how happy we’d have been to know we’d be living here now, and to know about our boys. I imagined myself then, seeing myself walking down the street on a spring evening, feeling so at home. And I thought about my dog, who had been such a good friend to me at that time, and who had been very well-behaved when we met our future landlady, and who died a month ago. It was such an odd, slowly-passing moment, which combined the past and the present, the present as the future. It hit me hard!

That moment of tension, the feeling of things changing, is what makes spring and fall so exciting – why they make you feel alive. And now, you’re wondering, how is she going to make this about potato salad? Well, friends, this potato salad is like an edible little mix of contradicting factors that work well together. Roasted potatoes are such a cool weather food, arugula salads so warm weather. The warmth of the potatoes contrasts with the coolness of the arugula, and even wilts it slightly. The potatoes are pleasantly soft, the pecans and roasted lentils delightfully crispy. And the mellow sweetness of roasted honey and balsamic plays against the peppery sharpness of arugula and water cress. Ta da!!

Here’s Cymande with Changes. A remarkable song!

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Roasted french lentils

Roasted french lentils

You know how I mentioned a dream I had the other night – the one about roasted chickpeas? Well, I didn’t tell you the whole story. I lay awake for hours, unable to fall asleep again. And in that blurry, half-awake time, I thought about this…roasted french lentils!! Move over, chickpeas, there’s a new roasted legume in town!! (Lentils are legumes, right? And chickpeas, too? No? Legumes sec?)

They turned out really delicious! I’m very excited! I made them like I usually do. And we ate them the first night fresh and hot, with a bunch of other stuff I can’t wait to tell you about. But today…I took the very well drained lentils, tossed them with a generous amount of olive oil, and roasted them in a hot oven (450) for about half an hour. Let them cool, tossed them with salt and lots of pepper. And…oh my goodness! They’re delicious! Crispy and very flavorful. My boys loved them! (BOTH boys!) The possibilities are endless. Scoop them up by the handful as a snack, or mix them with other salty crispy things to make a nice snacky mix. (My achey little brain is working on this one, I’ll get back to you!) Flavor them any way you like! Toss them on salads, or eggs, or potatoes, or greens!!

Here’s the Ethiopians with The Word is Love. I don’t think it has anything to do with french lentils, but I’ve listened to it about 100 times today. I just love it so much!!