How it all fits together.

These are small galettes with an oatmeal – peppercorn crust, and filled with french lentils, mushrooms, sauteed greens, and sharp cheddar cheese. A nice autumn dinner – a little earthy/smokey – warm and comforting, but not too heavy. Easy to put together with the recipes already posted! See! They all work well with each other – that’s the plan! You can make them throughout the week, and use them one day for a pie, and toss some in a salad the next.

Here’s a song that’s not really about food, but I love it. It’s very hopeful about trying something, and I’ve had a very nice week starting this blog. I promise to slow down on the posts!

So…some Nigerian funk…SJob Movement – You Only Live Once

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roasted mushrooms

My favorite way to prepare mushrooms is roasted with shallots, garlic, sage, rosemary and thyme. They’re delicious as a side dish, wonderful on salads, with pasta, on toast, or as a filling for a pie, which is how I most commonly use them lately. They’re easy to make, and your kitchen will smell like a holiday while they’re cooking.

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