Apple cake with flapjack topping

Apple cake

You know who could make this cake? Peter Rabbit’s mom, that’s who! I realize that this is the third time I’ve attributed a recipe to Peter Rabbit’s mom. The truth is, she’s a master chef, and she’s going to have a show on the cooking channel. It’s going to be called Fantastic Foraging!! Actually, thinking about Mrs. Rabbit’s culinary skills seems to represent the epitome of warm and comforting winter cooking, for me. Cooking with food you can find in hedgerows. Like blackberries. And there is a layer of jam between the apple cake and the flapjack topping. I should also mention that this is “flapjack” in the English sense of the word…an oaty cookie made with golden syrup, not the American sense, which is a pancake, which would make a weird topping for a cake. So, this is a spicy cake made with molasses topped with a layer of blackberry jam and then a chewy crispy layer of oats mixed with butter, golden syrup and raw sugar. Simple. Nice with coffee in the morning, nice with a dollop of vanilla-flavored whipped cream, a chunk of dark chocolate and a glass of wine after dinner.

Here’s In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree by Duke Ellington
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Oatmeal chocolate-covered-ginger cookies

These might not be the most colorful cookies on your holiday tray, but they’ll be among the most flavorful! Spicy oatmeal cookies are crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, and contain the irresistible surprise of chocolate-covered ginger! There’s just something cheerfully salubrious about them, as well. I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that chocolate and oatmeal are natural anti-depressants. Ginger is good for everything. Molasses has lots of iron. So grab yourself a plate of these, a bottle of red wine and a big warm blanket, and head into hibernation for the winter!

I liked to half-dip them in melted dark chocolate. Because more chocolate is always better, they look pretty, and they reminded me of chocolate covered hob nobs, which is surely the most comforting cookie on the planet! They’re good without that extra touch, though, if you’re not in the mood to play with melted chocolate.

Here’s Michigan and Smiley with Little Drummer Boy. Rappa pom pom, eh!!
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