Apple cake with flapjack topping

Apple cake

You know who could make this cake? Peter Rabbit’s mom, that’s who! I realize that this is the third time I’ve attributed a recipe to Peter Rabbit’s mom. The truth is, she’s a master chef, and she’s going to have a show on the cooking channel. It’s going to be called Fantastic Foraging!! Actually, thinking about Mrs. Rabbit’s culinary skills seems to represent the epitome of warm and comforting winter cooking, for me. Cooking with food you can find in hedgerows. Like blackberries. And there is a layer of jam between the apple cake and the flapjack topping. I should also mention that this is “flapjack” in the English sense of the word…an oaty cookie made with golden syrup, not the American sense, which is a pancake, which would make a weird topping for a cake. So, this is a spicy cake made with molasses topped with a layer of blackberry jam and then a chewy crispy layer of oats mixed with butter, golden syrup and raw sugar. Simple. Nice with coffee in the morning, nice with a dollop of vanilla-flavored whipped cream, a chunk of dark chocolate and a glass of wine after dinner.

Here’s In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree by Duke Ellington

1 stick (1/2 cup) butter, softened
1/2 cup molasses
1/2 cup white sugar
1 t. vanilla
1 egg
1 1/4 cup flour
1/2 t. salt
1 t. baking powder
1/2 t. baking soda
1 t. cinnamon
1/2 t. ginger
pinch allspice, nutmeg
4 small apples – peeled, cored and diced into 1/3 inch pieces, roughly

3 heaping T blackberry jam, mixed with one T cassis or other dark berry liqueur

3 T butter
1/3 cup golden syrup
1/3 cup raw sugar
1 cup rolled oats

In a large bowl cream the butter, molasses and sugar. Add the egg and vanilla and mix well.

Add all of the dry ingredients. Stir to make a thick batter. The apples will supply all the moisture that you need, and you’re going to add them…now!

Mix everything together and pour it into a prepared 8 or 9 inch cake tin. (prepared by being greased with butter and dusted with flour)

Spread the jam over the top of it.

In a small frying pan, combine the golden syrup, sugar and butter. When the sugar is melted and the butter is foamy, stir in the oats. Spread this evenly over the top of the jam.

Bake at 375 for 30- 40 minutes, until it’s browned and cripsy on top, and the center doesn’t wobble, and a knife stuck in the middle comes out clean.


12 thoughts on “Apple cake with flapjack topping

  1. This looks great Claire – Ruth got a weird apple corer and peeler gadget, from her parents for her birthday last week, so we need an excuse to use it – still have carrot cake going at the moment – but this’ll be up next… (I was influenced by your blog for the pie and mash meal I cooked on her birthday – cheers)

  2. Carrot cake! I was just thinking about carrot cake. I haven’t made that in ages! Tell Ruth happy birthday, and I hope your little ones are well.

    • Pip and Zane are ace thanks (pictures here):
      I thought you might like to see photos of dishes you’ve inspired – I don’t really follow recipes, but take elements and adapt them.. I have some pastry made up that needs using today – so I’m on a search through for inspiration probably Eggplant, spinach, style pie – with roasties – because it’s been really frosty. Pie and roast potatoes suit frosty weather.

      Hope you are all well.

      • Shane, those are wonderful wonderful pictures!! Your family is so beautiful. Your photos are so perfect!

        I don’t follow recipes, either, but it’s nice to have something to jump off from.

        Thanks for showing me the photos! They’re lovely.

  3. thanks Claire and TFD.
    I made the cake on Sunday (it’s gone down a treat) I hardly ever bake cakes – Ru, is the specialist there – I make cheesecakes.

    But this turned out wonderfully – had to cook it longer because I used the apple peeler and corer gadget, so was just bunging loads of apple in.
    The topping is a mouth watering joy – mine turned out to have a toffee style crunch to it – yum..

    see if I can add pictures:

    • Gosh, they made me moderate that comment? What’s that all about?

      I’m glad the cake turned out well. I wanted mine to have a toffee style crunch too. How did you do it?

      • I did add code for the cake pictures – that’s probably why it got moderated (click on the happy birthday link above for my blog again – the pictures are in the comment section on there – then click on those to get them bigger)

        As for the toffee style – well I just baked it longer – because of the amount of apples it just stayed rather wobbly and undercooked because of the moisture. That’s my guess – it actually tasted like a very special toffee apple – oaty crisp top/jam/ apples – it really has gone down a storm.

    • I haven’t made mine yet cos I keep forgetting to buy the jam. But I’m certainly interested in the toffee-style crunch element.

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