Walnut & herb sauce

Walnut herb sauce

I said I’d tell you how my walnut & herb “gravy” turned out. Well, let me tell you people, it turned out very well indeed! I’m quite proud of it! I called it gravy for the role that it served in our thanksgiving meal (it went beautifully with deep mushroom pie and chestnut/white bean stuffing!) But really it’s a sauce. It would be wonderful on pasta, with some sautéed veg thrown in. It’s a lovely, creamy, deep ivory color. But there’s no cream in it at all! In fact, if you made it with margarine or olive oil, it would be vegan. Its main ingredient is vegetable broth (other than the walnuts, of course). So be sure to use a good veg broth. It’s easy as pie to make your own, and you can use herbs in the broth to complement the herbs in the sauce! You see that glint in my eye? That bee in my bonnet? I plan to use this in a soup very soon. Mwah ha ha hah… I’ll let you know how that goes…

In the meantime, here’s The Soul Leaders with their wonderfully saucy song Pour on the Sauce.
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