Coconut cookie nests with royal dark eggs

Coconut cookie nests with royal dark eggs

Coconut cookies with royal dark eggs! This bee has been in my bonnet ever since I made the chocolate chip cookies with cadbury mini eggs last week. It has been an extremely noisy bee! When I saw how pretty the blue mini-eggs turned out upon being baked, I wanted to situate them in a more nest-like environment. Of course I thought of coconut! Of course I thought of the dark chocolate eggs with the coconut! So that’s what we’ve got. When I made them I started out mixing the colors, but David H.C.G. (Husband, culinary genius) said they’d look more like real birds’ nests if all the eggs were the same color. Unless, of course, a cuckoo had been to visit! These are big, pretty, tasty cookies. I told my boys one after school, one after dinner, and that’s it!

Here’s Charlie Parker with Bird’s Nest.
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