Cheater’s chickpea-flour crepes

chick pea crepe

Nice has their socca, India has their own version of chickpea-flour pancakes. Decidedly delicious, but something of a challenge to make. I have made them, and they turned out tasty, but I had to chase the boys out of the kitchen so they wouldn’t hear me curse at the mother-flippin pancakes that would not flip! That stuck to the pan! Or fell to pieces!! It’s the equipment, I tell you! I don’t have the right equipment!!

So now, when I make my own version of chickpea-flour pancakes, I cheat slightly, by adding some regular wheat flour and one egg. That’s it! Not so terrible! They’re still chewy, crispy, and they still have that distinctive chickpea-flour-taste. If they fall apart a bit, never fear! They’re still delicious, even in pieces. They’re lovely used to scoop up tapinade or humus, or sauteed greens. Or you can go more elaborate, and fill them and make them a sauce, as I will soon show you.

Here’s the Clash with The Cheat. Don’t listen if you’re offended by sweary language!!

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