crispy lacy almond cookies

crispy almond cookies

I’ve always wondered if I could smell or taste or feel in a dream. It’s all a little vague, but I’m fairly sure I can see and hear. Exactly how much are dreams like movies, anyway? Surely since smell and taste are so closely related to memory, and dreams are fantastical jumbles of memory, these senses should play some part? I just didn’t know. Well, last night, my dream provided solid and concrete evidence that I have a sense of smell in my dreams. I dreamt that I was making black beans (as one does in one’s dreams, right?). In my dream, I went to sleep, but woke up hours later with the house on fire, and the terrible smell of burnt black beans in my nose. The panic! The guilt! Well, I woke up in real life, after waking up from the dream in the dream, and I was sure that I could smell smoke! But I couldn’t, and the sense of it passed, and I went back to sleep. Have you ever smelled or tasted anything in a dream?

The other day my friends Treefrogdemon and SpottedRichard asked about a thin crispy cookie. I made one, with rum and coarse salt. But Spotted Richard said she’d imagined something with almond. And so, to be honest, had I. So I tried again. I had two leftover egg whites, and I decided to use them to make a light, thin cookie with almost no flour. (I was worried that this would be one of those occasions that I waste a whole cupboardful of ingredients trying to use up two egg whites, but luckily these turned out very tasty!) They’re thin and lacy and crispy, almost like almond toffee.

Here’s Yellow on the Broom, by Jean Redpath, because I think Treefrogdemon and SpottedRichard will like it, and because springtime is here again!!
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