Chocolate cayenne cutout cookies

Chocolate cayenne cutout cookies

As I was making these, I said to myself, “Claire, you’re crazy!” Why? Because I made nearly the same cookie less than a week ago! And wrote about it here! Those were my spicy-hot dark chocolate cookies. As I mentioned at the time, they were like little cakes. Diabolical little cakes. Because they were a bit soft and had jam in the middle. I lay awake one night thinking these would also make good cookies to roll out and cut in cool shapes. And then coat with melted bittersweet chocolate. So I came up with this alternative recipe. The taste is very nearly the same – chocolate-y chocolate-i-ness with a spicy cayenne-ginger bite that sneaks up on you. But they’re a little harder and crunchier. And they hold the shape of your cookie cutters.

Here’s MF DOOM with Cayenne Pepper.
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