Chipotle chickpeas

Still life with chickpeas

Tortillas, injera, dosas, jamaican roti, moo shu pancakes, crepes. Why are they so fun to eat? Why is it so fun to wrap all your food into a tasty bundle and eat it with your hands? These were the thoughts going through my head last night during my 8th night in a row of infuriating insomnia. Then I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to invent a completely new form of flatish bread that you could use as a utensil? And I’m determined to do it! (I even thought of a name for them!) And then I thought about inventing completely new methods of cooking. Like the first time somebody realized that if you whip egg whites they get stiff. Is it possible to invent something absolutely new? Yes it is! In award-winning restaurants in Spain or Norway, maybe. Sigh.

Anyway, last night was a back-to-normal-after-the-holidays meal. Chickpeas and broccoli sauteed with chipotle, sage, oregano and smoked paprika. Smoky, spicy, good. We had them with warm tortillas, lettuce, tomatoes, grated cheese and basmati rice. Ready in minutes and fun to eat.

Here’s Move Move Move from Nacho Libre we listened to during dinner last night. I love this soundtrack!
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