Broccoli rabe with brown sugar, spices and pecans

Broccoli rabe with spiced butter and pecans

Broccoli rabe with spiced butter and pecans

The sky at the moment is a strange shade of electric grey. It might storm at any moment, but it probably won’t. They’ve predicted thunderstorms almost every day this summer. You never know, it might storm, so they may as well say that it will, just in case. This can make a storm-o-phobic person feel a bit anxious! It could happen at any time! Under your beds, everyone. until the all-clear some time in mid-autumn! Actually I love storms, if everybody is safe and accounted for. I love when the sky grows inky and the leaves turn their bright selves upside down in the wild wind. I love when half the world is glowing and golden ahead of fast racing purpling clouds. I love the sense of release and relief after a storm has cleared the brooding muggy air. In honor of our stormy summer, today’s Sunday interactive playlist will be on the subject of storms. Songs about thunder, lighting, rain, and blowing gales. Add songs to the list if you like, or leave a comment, and I’ll try to remember to add it through the week.

This broccoli rabe is cooked with butter, brown sugar, and a few select spices, viz: ginger, cumin, cinnamon, cardamom and smoked paprika. It’s a little spicy, a little sweet, a little bitter (because it is, after all, broccoli rabe!). It’s also extremely easy to make. You could use this method with any other greens you like: kale, collard, beet.

Here’s a link to the playlist.

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