Millet flatbread

Millet flour flatbread

Millet flour flatbread

Hello, kids! It’s Saturday storytelling time! Just kidding, of course, It’s Tuesday. It’s just taken me that long to finish this story. My original plan of not thinking too much about the stories has given way to a reality in which I think about them all the time! For some reason that makes it harder for me to finish them. But I think that’s a good thing. As you may recall, each week I post a vernacular photo, and I write a story about it an invite others to as well. Here’s this week’s photo. Who is this man and why is he on the road? Where is he coming from, and where is he going?

I bought some millet flour a while back, because I love the taste of millet. I tried baking something using only millet flour, and it didn’t turn out too well! So this is a mix of both. It’s a yeasted batter, poured into one of my beautiful new old French pans. You could use any smallish baking sheet with a shallow edge. The bread is soft on the inside and a little crunchy outside, and it has an intriguing, pleasant flavor…I’m not sure how to describe it! Nutty, I guess, like regular millet.

Here’s Sitting on Top of the World by the Mississippi Sheiks.
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