Autumn Tomatoes

Last week I went to our local CSA to pick tomatoes and herbs. It was a beautiful, glowing fall day, seeped in the bittersweet feeling that summer is really over. Many of the herbs were dried and done, but I found rows of purple basil, which I picked in such quantities they wouldn’t fit in my pail. The tall heirloom cherry tomato plants were full of fruit, and glowed like stained glass – walking through them was a giddy experience, with the buzzing of the bees, and the lovely smell of tomato leaves.

I came home with tomatoes of all different sizes and colors – some as small as a raisin and bright red, some larger, yellow and pear shaped. How to preserve their pretty, unique shapes and colors? I sauteed them quickly in olive oil and garlic, till they had just started to wilt slightly, and then tossed them with some diced mozzarella, and copious amounts of shredded basil.