Chickpea, artichoke, olive and goat cheese dip

artichoke goat cheese dip

artichoke goat cheese dip

Skip James is one of my favorites. His voice is so haunting and plaintive, and his playing so sweet. I love his song Look Down the Road, and it’s been in my head a lot lately. Here’s a sample of the wonderful lyrics…

Look down the road
‘Fer as my eyes could see
Hey-hey, yeah
‘Fer as my eyes could see
And I couldn’t see nothin’
Looked like mine, to me

I don’t want no woman
Got hair like drops a-rain
Got hair like drops a-rain
Boy, you know this a shame
It’s a pity an a cryin’ shame

Beautiful!! In honor of this song, today’s playlist subject is songs about “The Road.” They don’t need to have “the road” in the title, but all of mine do, because I’m lazy and late for work. I’ve made the playlist collaborative, so you should be able to add your own suggestions!!

This dip is a miracle of last-minute deliciousness. If you have a can of chickpeas and a can of artichoke hearts, a tub of olives and a bit of goat cheese, you’re ready to entertain! Or make a nice dinner with good bread and a salad.

Here’s my THE ROAD playlist! Feel free to add your own songs.

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