Caramel apple chocolate chip cookies

Caramel apple chocolate chip cookies

Caramel apple chocolate chip cookies

    And they all pretend they’re Orphans
    And their memory’s like a train
    You can see it getting smaller as it pulls away
    And the things you can’t remember
    Tell the things you can’t forget that
    History puts a saint in every dream.

    Down the street the dogs are barkin’
    And the day is a-gettin’ dark
    As the night comes in a-fallin’
    The dogs’ll lose their bark
    An’ the silent night will shatter
    From the sounds inside my mind
    For I’m one too many mornings
    And a thousand miles behind

    In this life, in this life, in this life,
    In this, oh sweet life:
    Coming in from the cold.
    It’s you – it’s you – it’s you I’m talkin’ to –
    Why do you look so sad and forsaken?
    When one door is closed, don’t you know other is open?

    Hear the corncrakes and the deerhooves
    And the sleet rain on the slate roof
    A medallion locked inside her hand
    in her hand

    Monday morning wake up knowing that you’ve got to go to school
    Tell your mum what to expect, she says it’s right out of the blue
    Do you went to work in Debenham’s, because that’s what they expect
    Start in Lingerie, and Doris is your supervisor
    And the head said that you always were a queer one from the start
    For careers you say you went to be remembered for your art
    Your obsessions get you known throughout the school for being strange
    Making life-size models of the Velvet Underground in clay

    Just listen to me I won’t pretend
    To understand the movement of the wind
    Or the waves out in the ocean
    Or how like the hours I change
    Softly slowly plainly blindly
    Oh me oh my!

    Visions occupy my synaptic’s space
    Command and shake, to illustrate my mind’s landscape
    The tall grass, the low plains, the mountanous ridges
    Thickets among the forests, rivers beneath the bridges
    Presence of hilltops, lit up with tree tops
    Eavesdrop; and hear the incline of sunshine, nine
    Stones in orbit, refuse to forfeit
    They all form a cipher, and they came to observe it
    I follow suit, and face it, embrace it
    Shinin bright, but still I’m careful not to waste it
    Destined to rise, because I’m basement adjacent

What are these? These are all lyrics that I love! These are all lyrics I could read as poetry, which are only made better by the addition of music. There are a lot more songs where these come from, and I’m going to make them into a list. So that’s the subject of today’s Sunday interactive playlist. Songs with powerful lyrics. They could be beautiful or funny or clever or moving…whatever you like.

And these cookies…well it all started when Malcolm wanted to try to make dulce de leche. I’ve made dulce de leche in the past, and it turned out okay, so I thought, why not? This time I was distracted, and I cooked it too long on too high a temperature, and it became like caramel, like those lovely chewy, slightly chalky milk caramels they used to give out at the used book store across the street. I think they were werthers chewy caramels. If you have a batch of overcooked dulce de leche, you can use that, if not, I’m sure you can get some soft chewy caramels at the store, and use those!

Here’s a link to the interactive playlist. Add what you like or leave a song in the comments and I’ll add it through the week.

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