Hazelnut crusted eggplant with tapenade & brie

We had some brie & some gorgonzola leftover from a party, so I decided to get all fancy with my eggplant slices. When I made the eggplant, I added 1/3 cup of crushed hazelnuts to the breadcrumb/flour mixture. It gave the eggplant a wonderful flavor and a bit more crunch.

I put a spoonful of tapenade on a slice of eggplant. Then a slice of brie or gorgonzola. I put them in a hot oven till the cheese was melted and crispy. Then I topped with another slice of eggplant, spooned over some tomato sauce, and served with a simple arugula salad. And this, my friends, is but one way to serve eggplant!

Here’s Bob Marley’s Mix Up Mix Up, which I’m pretty sure is about different versions of eggplant recipes.


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