October Issue of Tidings of Magpies!

Very pleased to share the latest issue of Tidings of Magpies! Brilliant art, photography, nature essay, travel essay and so much more!

The eagle-eyed amongst you will recognize that these were all actually posts that we published over the course of September. As discussed at the beginning of the month, the reasons to post every couple of days (instead of all-at-once at the start of the month) outweighed, in my mind, the reasons to publish one big issue. Mostly it had to do with the number of emails subscribers would receive at one time, and the amount of time people have to get through so many articles at once. However, I still love the idea of an issue: the pleasure of compiling and composing it, as well as the focus and balance that the structure provided. I like the challenge of trying to combine articles that complement and contrast with one another. So this is my solution: to gather all of the articles at the end of the month on one page, and share that in a post.

I love everything I’ve posted, and I’m so grateful to everyone who shared their writing and their art. I’m very happy to have our first travel writing and our first nature writing. And I’m excited to launch the Why I Love series. I’m also very excited about the treasures I’m already collecting and compiling to share in the month ahead.

Thank you for reading. As ever, I welcome and comments of feedback you may have. And Please submit subscribe support.


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