I’m glad it’s March. This morning after two straight days of rain the sky was clear by the time Clio and I went out for our run. I felt really heart-liftingly grateful for the bright grey skies, for the birds who sing earlier and earlier every morning, for a romp across a snowy field with a bright-eyed girl. And now, right now, we have actual bright blue sky, bright clouds!

I love these things today:

I love licorice allsorts, especially the pink ones that taste like blackcurrant. I love the fact that I bought a bag last week from the chocolate shop across the street and Isaac kept trying to put it out of my reach, on top of books and tall shelves. I love that he’s taller than me and getting taller every day, and a little giddy about it.

I love this from an article about Andre Bazin: “They felt that the cinema, having taken a certain aesthetic direction, had become an art that was supremely suited to what was known as the ‘exquisite unnaturalness’ of silence. The realism of sound was bound to upset matters. “

I love the weird lovely mints David drops on my desk every once in a while when he gets coffee from the coffeeshop.

I love the bagels I’ve been making lately. It’s the sort of thing you want to wake up for. I love the dreams I’ve been having lately, the sort of thing you don’t want to wake up from.

I love that Malcolm (away at college) texted me a picture of a snoring dormouse. I love snoring dormice. I love that Malcolm at midnight sent me a text that suggested that part of his idea of what it means to love somebody is to wake up bright and early to go look at birds with them.

I love this article about a book about a mysterious painter who died of the plague at a young age.

I am absolutely fascinated by Lee Godie, whom I just discovered from an Instagram post by the American Folk Art Museum, and I love them too. I feel certain that I will talk about her more at some point in the future after more research. I’m fascinated by her art, but also the idea that she lived rough, though she had money to live comfortably. She was sad, maybe, or she didn’t like to be inside. Fascinated.

I love the fact that I’m going to go now and listen to music and make dinner and talk to the people I love.

Love this:

And this:

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