COTD – Blue snow shadows

It’s a shadow, and it glows! A glowing shadow. Kids, this isn’t just a crush, this is love.

It had snowed all of the night and most of the day before. The snow lay in thick layers, mostly lovely and untouched. And the shadows were BLUE. Glowing, gorgeous, blue. I must have seen this before in my 51 years, but I feel like I didn’t really notice it until this morning. It’s such a ridiculously pretty color. Is there a light inside that giant snowdrift? Is it glowing from within? I could easily believe there is a glowing world under all this snow, and it’s shining through. And it’s the paw prints, the paw prints lead us into it! If there is a magical glowing world under the snow, of course it’s the dogs who will take us there.

It put me in mind of Tintin falling into the Crevasse in Tintin in Tibet, and discovering a world underground.

And it put me in mind of Windsor McCay’s Little Nemo in the Palace of Ice.

But mostly it made me happy. I get paid by the hour. If I don’t work, I don’t get paid. I spent more time than was practical wandering around town trying to capture photos of blue snow shadows. And here they are:

Glowing blues: Reverend Gary Davis with I am the Light of this World


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