Crush of the Day 1/25/21

That moment in Cooking Videos When they Taste the Food They Have Created.

There’s an obligatory moment in every cooking or baking video in which the narrator has to taste the food they’ve made. I love this moment. It’s so lovely and awkward. They have to keep talking, but they have food in their mouths. Their own food! They can’t NOT like it. I’ve never seen a spit-take and an OH MY GOD, WHAT HAVE I WROUGHT!! There’s a bit of common language. The closed eyes, the tilted head, the repeated nod. Stalling till they can speak again. But I also love that most times they genuinely do look surprised and delighted by what they’ve made. “Damn, I made that.” Cooking or baking, as an act of creation, is like no other. No ambiguities about what’s in style or what is sophisticated. It makes you happy or it doesn’t. It reminds you of childish happiness, maybe, or a trip abroad with a loved one, I’m not saying there’s no poetry in tasting food. But you want to eat more or you don’t. I’d love to compile a video of just this moment in every cooking video.

One of my favorite such moment is off-camera. Everything this person posts is quiet and beautiful. Their mixer makes no sound (mine is loud enough to wake people in the attached house.) The whole point of most of these videos is how quiet and precise they are. There is no way in hell this person is a noisy eater. But in this ridiculously pretty off-camera tasting of a ridiculously pretty food, it’s just a loud odd crunch and chew. And I love it. (in case I can’t figure out how to do this, forward to 7:55 in the video)

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