Black rice, bean and beet burgers

Hello Ordinary Friends. It’s been a bizarre, sad time for the whole world. I’ve written a bunch of stuff and deleted it all. There’s really nothing I can say.

Everything feels more emotional than usual, but does everything feels heightened, or does everything feel dulled, because it’s the same thing every day? It’s a strange, lost-at-sea feeling. All rules are changed. We’re working on airport rules. Air-borne disease rules. Not going to lie (one of my favorite phrases the youth use now) we’ve had some heartrendingly beautiful times and some probably equally beautiful, in the end, but not so fun times.

So when Malcolm and I made this movie it made me happier than I can say. It started out as a retelling of a Greek myth, something we’ve talked about for a long while now. It turned into a meditation on being stuck with yourself during quarantine. That was all Malcolm. All of his decisions were the right decisions, and his vision is remarkable.

And of course we’ve been cooking and baking like mad! I’ve been meaning to post this recipe for a while now. This is the best vegetarian burger recipe in the world. In a time of impossible, unreal and unlikely burgers, let’s celebrate the beauty of a flavorful bean and rice burger. Black rice is the secret here. Earthy, a little chewy and delicious. This is a very adaptable recipe, you can use different kinds of beans, different spices, red rice works well, too. Instead of a beet you can use a sweet potato or some butternut squash.

The song is in the video. The recipe is after the break.


1 thought on “Black rice, bean and beet burgers

  1. You are right about that Malcolm. I hope he continues to use his inherited storytelling talents. Thanks for sharing!

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