A lot of people are talking about post-holiday healthy eating. A profusion of greens and water to clear away the holiday fog. For some reason it made me think about this song by the Jungle Brothers called Sunshine. It’s about eating healthy and thinking healthy. It’s about good food, good knowledge, sunshine and brightness. It always makes me think of that wonderful but elusive feeling of walking down the street feeling good in yourself, and good in the world. Plus it samples parliament! So that’s what I’m thinking in this moment of New Year’s resolutions. It’s always nice to have some sunshine on a cold winter’s day! Do you have any New Year’s resolutions this year?

Nighttime fades away, on to the next day
The weatherman predicts a clear sunny saturday
Relax laid back and feelin the cool breeze
Positive vibes in sauce and the melodies
Gather my leaves and all my minerals
Fix myself a bowl of vegetables
Ice cold water and chopped up fruits
Gonna be a long day so I throw on my boots
Stretch out my hut and beyond the sun rises

Yeah Id like to say Id like to say somethin serious
Real serious
The sun shinin, the guidin light
The fire that we all attempt to fight
The only thing is you cant put it out
You blow and blow but that makes it grow
Bright around and it was made for me
A gift from God that he gave to me
You eat it and chew it, and then you swallow it
And wisdom is what you get from it


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