Isaac crackers

hazelnut crackers

Well, you may have noticed that I make many many dinners that involve savory pastries. Funnily enough, I have 2 boys. One boy always likes the filling and one boy always likes the crust. I’ve taken to making some extra crust, rolling it out, putting it on a greased tray, adding some black pepper and coarse salt, and baking until it’s toasty and crispy. My little one gobbles them up! I may have mentioned that in my philosophy of savory pastry crusts, the crust is so tasty by itself that you could make it into crackers. So that’s what I’ve been doing! I recommend it to anybody, whether you have finicky children or not. The crackers are so good! These are white pepper hazelnut crackers. A preview of coming attractions!

Here’s one of Isaac’s favorite songs…Clint Eastwood by the Gorillaz


6 thoughts on “Isaac crackers

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