Shark cake! Aaaaaaghhhh!!!!!!

Shark cake!!

Watch out! There’s a shark swimming through schools of gummi bears, and he’s eaten a lot of them! They’re in his belly!! My son turned 6 yesterday, and he asked for a cake shaped like a shark, with gummi bears in his tummy. So that’s what he got!! The cake itself is quite simple – just a regular cake made with half brown sugar, and with chocolate chips added at the end. Whenever I double (or triple) a cake recipe I add an extra egg. So this had four eggs altogether. (Not sure how that math works out, quite!) And the frosting is butter, icing sugar, milk and vanilla. The trick to getting a sharky nose was to use pie plates instead of cake pans, to give it that bevelled look. And then cut the sides away – it’s quite complicated! But fun to make.

Here’s the playlist I made for Isaac’s birthday.


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