Flava faves

Combining flavors makes cooking joyful. We’re so used to some flavor combinations that it’s hard to think of one thing without another. Other combinations are thrillingly new and unexpected. I find it fascinating that our notion of a food’s flavor changes from country to country. In some places peanut butter is thought of as a savory food, but in the US we combine it with jam, chocolate, ice cream… I love the idea of unexpected foods tasting good together – sweet and savory, warm and cool.

I wish I had Remy’s ability to really experience and savor flavors, but I feel like all-to-often I’m more like Emile, and I just hork it down.

What are some of your favorite flavor combinations? What are some very different tastes that are unexpectedly delicious together?


3 thoughts on “Flava faves

    • That sounds delicious! I just got Isaac some strawberries as a special treat for his birthday (November birthdays aren’t great for special fruit treats) So I’ll have to try it!

      I like black pepper with practically anything. I just put some in Isaac’s chocolate birthday cake. I’m sure he’ll thank me for it some day.

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