Hey, that’s not about cabbages!

What’s your favorite song that seems to be about food, but, well…just isn’t about food at all?

Here are some of mine…

But, lordy, there are millions more!

19 thoughts on “Hey, that’s not about cabbages!

  1. dan le sac vs scroobius pip – cauliflower

    I love this – because it could easily be about a Cauliflower ear of a boxer – but the boy just has ‘a cauliflower ear from when her voice first hit her’ brilliant and sweet.
    When later in the song he mentions those ‘3 days’, it takes you back to so far, to when everything was so intense that a love could start, combust and be over in such a short timespan:

    • My first comment!! Thank you, Shane! I didn’t know I’d have to moderate. Weird.

      Cauliflowers made me think of carrot flowers….

      • It is very strange having to moderate – luckily I found this out quickly and now I don’t tell anyone when I post on my blog – hee hee.

        I was thinking you could probably do a Sugar/ Candy playlist that wasn’t about either of those sweet things, such as:

        Brown Sugar – Akasha
        Blood Sugar Love – The Real Tuesday Weld
        Sugar Boy – Beth Orton
        I Want Candy Bow Wow Wow
        Some Candy Talking The Jesus & Mary Chain

      • Oh, and I’m going to do a post on making a cake one of these days, so I’ll do a sweet playlist then!

      • I like turnip greens! His voice sounds different here. I like it. I like the song. Hope you’re having a good last day of work, TFD.

      • That’s cos he is going all looooow and bluesy you know. Lollipop Mama by Roy Brown came up on the ‘Pod this morning – I couldn’t find one I liked on YouTube though. It seems to be used as a showing-off exercise for harmonica players.

        My last day was very weird. I found lies pouring out of my mouth as I said goodbye to people I don’t really like. Didn’t even have to think about it.

  2. Oooh, it seems you have moderators too, I have a message saying my last comment is awaiting it… I imagine Malcolm and Isaac checking that our comments are suitable ?

    Anyway, that Nina Simone is especially good !

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