Chard, raisins, pine nuts and butterbeans; tender rolls; chard & bulgur burgers

When I was younger I used to think a lot about how I could justify my existence. The phrase was frequently in my head , and I probably subjected my brother and other friends to heated discussions on the subject … Continue reading

Leeks, potato & french lentils stew … and burgers

This morning Clio and I tried to go for a walk on the towpath. It had been raining for hours, and on one side the sky was as bright as day, but on the other, it was dark and purple-grey. … Continue reading

Pearled couscous & french lentils with yellow squash, and burgers!

I’m in a little bit of a blue funk these days. MId-summer slump? Mid-life crisis? A skewed perspective? I’m anxious about the future and regretting a past that hasn’t even happened yet. I’ve been looking at my life from the … Continue reading

Eggplant-french lentil burgers and rosemary buttermilk buns

I’ve been so distracted lately! I just can’t sit still! I just can’t focus. I’m an important person, dammit, I’ve got a busy schedule, I’ve got important things to attend to! There’s work to be done. Important work. And only … Continue reading

Spicy zucchini-corn risotto with toasted pumpkinseeds, and Risotto burgers

Happy labor day! It strikes me as funny that many of the laborers in our workforce don’t actually get to call labor day a holiday, so I’d like to take a minute to thank the doctors, nurses, waitresses, cooks, grocery … Continue reading

Cuban beans & rice burgers, and cuban sofrito

Aww, man, I’m having trouble writing this post! I was going to keep it simple and brief, and that is still my intention! But I can’t even get started. I keep wandering around, watching Malcolm dismantle the kitchen shelves. (In … Continue reading

Roasted mushroom, white bean, pecan burgers (grillable!!)

Here at The Ordinary, we are melting. The boys come down in the morning and throw themselves on the couch, their hot little arms and legs hanging off the edges of the furniture. They sit next together and melt into … Continue reading